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9 March 2023 [NO.TCSA : 20230309-1-1-P]

A Critical Code Execution Flaw Found in FortiOS and FortiProxy Administrative Interfaces

20 February 2023 [NO.TCSA : 20230220-1-1-P]

Fortinet fixes critical RCE flaws in FortiNAC and FortiWeb

16 January 2023 [NO.TCSA : 20230116-1-1-P]

Cacti Crisis: Severe Vulnerability Exploited in the Wild

21 April 2022 [NO.TCSA : 20220422-1-1-P]

A Critical Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution (RCE) Flaw Found in WSO2 API Manager, Identity Server & Enterprise Integrator

19 April 2022 [NO.TCSA : 20220419-1-1-P]

Possible Increase of Intrusion Attempts on Sri Lankan Websites

1 April 2022 [NO.TCSA : 20220401-1-1-P]

Spring4Shell – A Critical Remote Execution Found Spring Framework

11 December 2021 [NO.TCSA : 20211211-1-1-P]

A Serious Remote Code Execution Flaw Found in Apache Log4j 2 Library

11 November 2021 [NO.TCSA : 20211111-1-1-P]

Serious Remote Code Execution Flaw Found in Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect Portal and Gateway

8 October 2021 [NO.TCSA : 20211008-1-1-P]

Path Traversal and Remote Code Execution found in Apache HTTP Server 2.4.49 and 2.4.50 (CVE-2021-41773)

7 July 2021 [NO.TCSA : 20210707-1-1-P]

Microsoft releases an emergency Out-of-Band update for PrintNightmare Zero-Day

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