Wireless Security Assessment

Effective business operation depends on stable wireless connections. Wireless networks are attacked worldwide by malicious intruders dismantling companies.

TechCERT engineers take on the role of a hacker and attempt to penetrate the wireless network. After gaining access, the analysts attempt to compromise systems and information through ethical hacking methods, providing the means to evaluate the implementation and deployment of the wireless infrastructure. The assessment is conducted with comprehensive hardware and software tools and systems security checklists developed by TechCERT. The wireless network security policy will also be evaluated and assessment is performed to ensure that the security of wireless networks is configured according to the policy.

  • - Identification of potential weaknesses
  • - Evaluation of wireless network performance
  • - Wireless Policy Review
  • - Wireless Configuration Review

Our security assessment process encompasses an in-depth review of your wireless architecture.

Maximize the security posture of your wireless network with proven strategies.