Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing occupy an integral part of the threat management process.

Vulnerability assessment evaluates security threats and reduces vulnerability. A vulnerability assessment is performed to reduce the possibility of unauthorized access to your computer networks. Penetration testing examines whether the fraud activities identified through the vulnerability assessment are possible. We provide a fully integrated and highly effective vulnerability assessment and penetration testing approach identifying gap analysis and providing remediation plans to help our clients to establish a secure environment. TechCERT conducts Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing in line with the OWASP Security Testing Guide (STG), and NIST SP 800-115. The OWASP Security Testing Guide (STG) and NIST SP 800-115 are the industry best practice standards for penetration testing.

  • - Network services test.
  • - Web application security test.
  • - Training & awareness.

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