Security Incident Response

A well-organized incident response framework has become a key component of IT companies as cyber threats have flourished in scale recently.

Are you facing a cyber-attack? Need immediate help to identify, contain and eradicate? TechCERT incident response team is ready to help you 24/7. Security Incident Response helps any business to identify security breaches and limit the damage. This also aims to prevent future attacks and reduce the recovery cost for organizations. Our Security Incident Response approach includes identifying, investigating and responding to cyber threats with effective preparation, containment, eradication and recovery process. TechCERT Security Incident Response Team is comprised of experienced professionals who will help you to minimize security breaches and protect your brand name.

  • - Identification of the security vulnerabilities.
  • - Suggestions for the remediation efforts.
  • - Development of effective response strategies.

Gain complete visibility into your organization’s security posture and assess the vulnerability of your resources.

Minimize the damage to your intellectual properties and assets with a well-planned incident response plan.