API Security Assessment

Safeguard the heart of your application business with API effective security assessment.

Application Programming Interface (API) security assessment evaluates the protection of API security against cyber threats and vulnerabilities. API is the easiest way for hackers to steal data. If your API is not secure enough, it can affect every application connected to your API, making your overall organization vulnerable. TechCERT conducts API Security Assessment in line with the OWASP API security Top 10 risks assessment criteria to evaluate the security status of APIs. The OWASP API Security Top 10 (2019) risk assessment criteria and REST Security Guidelines are the industry best practice standards for API Security evaluations.

  • - Identification of security breaches.
  • - Suggestions for effective remediation.
  • - Training & awareness.

The necessity to create secure networks has become a growing concern more than ever.

Investigate vulnerabilities of your API and leverage the security of API-enabled applications.