Digital Forensic Investigations

Digital forensics is an integral part of evidence gathering and sometimes is the only option to piece together the facts behind the story.

TechCERT DarkLAB is a specialized Digital Forensics and malware analysis unit operated by TechCERT, a division of LK Domain Registry. The team at TechCERT DarkLAB is experienced in successfully handling a wide range of digital forensics investigations and providing expert evidence at court proceedings for private/public sector organizations. DarkLAB has contributed to handle an extensive range of DF investigations for private/public sector organizations and individuals in Sri Lanka, untangling fraudulent and criminal activities. Our procedures have been developed to conform to the Computer Crimes Act No. 24 of 2007 and Electronic Transactions Act No. 19 of 2006.

  • - Computer and forensics, advanced data recovery and analysis
  • - Mobile forensics, data extraction and analysis
  • - Internet forensics and intelligence
  • - Digital forensics readiness planning
  • - Malware research and intelligence
  • - Evidence collection & preservation support

Cutting-edge digital trails to assist you with complex investigations.

Our digital forensic experts facilitate comprehensive information to uncover the most complex and sensitive cases.